About us - we live electronics

Our idea of founding the company arose in 2016, when we ourselves stood in front of our defective fully automatic coffee maker and and asked ourselves how it is possible to make life much easier for the customer after a defect.

So we sat down with our team of engineers and master industrial mechanics and inspected various fully automatic coffee machines and analyzed sources of error.

In cooperation with our customers, we have taken the most frequent and cost-intensive sources of error and created exchange offers for them, which currently include the power electronics, as well as control unit electronics.

At our company, we specialize in the recycling of coffee machine circuit boards. In this way, we aim not only to save our customers very high costs, but also to conserve resources and at the same time reduce the burden on our environment.

Our team has the know-how to identify weak points on the fully automatic coffee machines in a short time and to offer you concrete proposals for solutions. 

We offer you the opportunity to repair your fully automatic coffee machine at a reasonable price and not have to go without your beloved cup of coffee for a long time.

Our vision is:
To contribute to a world in which we want to live well and with pleasure.

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