Authenticity of ratings

Any actual experience related to the purchase or use of a service of our company can be rated up to 5 stars. In comments, customers share their experiences in their own words.

Seceha does not offer any benefits, special conditions, discounts or other incentives for submitting a positive review or withdrawing a negative review.

Measures for the verification of the assessments
Seceha has taken various measures in its rating system to ensure that the published ratings come only from consumers who have actually used or purchased the goods or services (hereinafter “verified ratings”).

How does Seceha ensure that these are genuine reviews?
Technical measures:
Seceha uses various technical measures to ensure that e-mail invitations to submit reviews are sent only to those e-mail addresses that have been used to make a purchase or purchase a service.

Online shoppers who use the Seceha Shop receive an evaluation invitation from Seceha after completing their order. Via the link in the e-mail, a rating can be given about the purchase actually made.

In addition, users of the Seceha Shop have the opportunity to rate their orders by calling up their purchase in the store login. Here, too, it is technically ensured that only the purchase transactions stored in the Seceha Shop can be evaluated.

Also, Seceha may ask your customers to submit a rating through the system. As part of the automated invitation dispatch, the customer’s e-mail address is transferred to Seceha via API or by means of the so-called Review Collector for sending an invitation e-mail. This technically ensures that an invitation to submit a rating is only sent to the e-mail addresses that were used to make the purchase.

At the same time, further reference data on the order is collected in all cases to ensure that Seceha as a whole and also the assessments in detail can be reliably assigned to an actual purchase.

Manual measures:
Further manual measures are also taken to ensure that only those customers who have also purchased the product or used the service submit ratings.

In order to verify the authenticity of the rating and its legitimacy, the ratings cannot be submitted anonymously. The email address through which the purchase was made will always serve as a verifiable reference for the rating submission.

In the case of anomalies or indications that suggest that the evaluation is not based on experience, despite the technical measures mentioned above, evidence of the legitimacy of the evaluation given is requested and checked accordingly. If the requested evidence does not demonstrate the purchase of the goods or the use of the services, the ratings will be deleted.

Customers who are not registered in the Seceha Shop and therefore do not have login details available to confirm authentication (guest accounts) for these reviews, an additional verification is performed by our team by matching the actual goods ordered with the email address provided when ordering. Until verified, the rating will not be displayed in our store. The review may take up to 10 business days.

Despite checking to the best of our knowledge and belief, for more transparency we will mark these guest accounts in our Seceha Shop as Unverified Overall Reviews.

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