DeLonghi milk foam coupler Trend


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DeLonghi milk foam coupler


Complete milk foam coupling for the milk tank. The milk carafe is connected to this coupling.

If the milk does not froth cleanly, this spare part is often defective.


Scope of delivery:
1x gasket as shown

Item no. 5513214821, AS13200286

Suitable for the models:

  • EABI 66.00 PrimaDonna
  • EC 850.M espresso machine
  • EC 860.M espresso machine
  • EN 690.T Nespresso Lattissima
  • EN 720.MB Nespresso Lattissima
  • EN 720.M Nespresso Lattissima
  • ESAM 04.350.S Magnifica
  • ESAM 3650 Elegance
  • ESAM 5500 Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.B EX:2 Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.B Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.G Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.L Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.M EX:2 Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.M Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.P Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.R Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.S EX:2 Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.S Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.T EX:2 Perfecta Titanium
  • ESAM 5500.T Perfecta Titanium
  • ESAM 5500.W Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5550.B Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5550.BW Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5550.R Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5556.B Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5600 EX:1 Perfecta
  • ESAM 5600 EX:2 Perfecta
  • ESAM 5600 Perfecta
  • ESAM 5600.S Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5700.S Perfecta
  • ESAM 5708.R Perfecta
  • ESAM 5708.S Perfecta
  • ESAM 6600 EX:3 PrimaDonna
  • ESAM 6600 PrimaDonna
  • ESAM 6620 EX:3 PrimaDonna
  • ESAM 6620 PrimaDonna
  • ESAM 6650.S EX:3 fully automatic coffee maker
  • ESAM 6650.S fully automatic coffee maker
  • ESAM 6700 EX:1 PrimaDonna Avant
  • ESAM 6700 EX:2 PrimaDonna Avant
  • ESAM 6700 EX:3 PrimaDonna Avant
  • ESAM 6700 PrimaDonna Avant
  • ESAM 6708 PrimaDonna Avant
  • ESAM 6720 PrimaDonna Avant
  • AEG
    • CG6600 Caffe Grande



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