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Delonghi power board ESAM5500


Send us your defective board and you will receive:

1x functional power board with identical number.

Power electronics for DeLonghi fully automatic coffee machines.
On the boards there is a white sticker on which the cod. DeLonghi number stands the with 52…….. this number must start with one of the below Cod. DeLonghi numbers match.

Cod. DeLonghi:
5213211931, 5213211941, 5213210981

Scope of delivery:
1x electronics as shown


Suitable for the following models and devices:


  • ESAM 5500 Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.B Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.L Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.M Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.P Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.R Perfecta
  • ESAM 5500.S Perfecta Cappuccino
  • ESAM 5500.T Perfecta Titanium
  • ESAM 5500.W Perfecta Cappuccino


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