Discover performance print Jura Impressa F9


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Performance print Jura Impressa F9


Send us your defective board and you will receive:
1x functional power board with identical number in exchange

This power electronics switches in the Jura F9 fully automatic machines listed below all components such as drive, grinder, heater and water pump. A defect in this circuit board will inevitably lead to the failure of the Jura F9 coffee machine.

On the boards there is a sticker with a number. At best, this number should match one of the numbers listed below. If your number is not listed, we will be happy to help you by mail.


Suitable for the models:

  • Jura F9
  • Jura F900
  • Jura F909


  • The following part number is located under the machine:
    • 15013


  • The following number is on the label:
  • 86716, 96914


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